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What is the general process of applying for an internship through Project-ION?

To apply for an internship through Project-ION you must first create an account and set up a profile, which will require some pertinent demographic information including name, address and email address. You’ll also have the option of uploading your resume to Project-ION’s resume database, a tool employers can use to search for an intern. Once you’ve created an account you will have the ability to browse all of ION’s available internship positions. To apply to a Project-ION sponsored internship, you will have to upload the documents requested in the posting and submit them through the site. Project-ION will send your materials directly to the employer.

Why don't I have the option of applying directly to the employer anymore?

Unfortunately users will no longer be able to apply directly to Project-ION sponsored internship positions. Instead users will submit required information to ION, click the submit button, and ION will send the information to the employer. This method allows site administers to track important site usage data, a necessary component of site funding.

What’s the survey link I see when I log into my account?

We need your help tracking site usage. To maintain funding for this service, site administers are required to track site usage and report on site success. If you’ve found an internship through Project-ION, please take a moment to tell us about your experience by clicking on the survey link in your account. To show our appreciation, we’ll send you $5.00 via For more information, and answers to frequently asked questions, visit You must have both a twitter and a PayPal account to receive this incentive.

Who is eligible to apply for internships through Project-ION?

Anyone is eligible to sign up for an account with Project-ION and review available internships. Project-ION does not have age or matriculation requirements. However, some of the internship positions you see on the site may have strict parameters for application. Please review each posting individually to see whether or not you’re eligible to apply.

Will my internship be paid?

We cannot guarantee that you will find a paid internship through Project-ION.

Why should I apply through Project-ION?

Project-ION is the premiere vehicle by which to find an internship position in Central Upstate New York or the Southern Tier. The site combines cutting-edge search engine technology with direct employer postings to create the most comprehensive internship opportunity listing available.

How do I apply through Project-ION?

If you have a previously existing account, enter your email address and password. You can also click on the <>Forgot Your Password button, if you forgot your login information. If you do not have an account create one by clicking on the Sign Up for an Account Today button, located in the top left corner of the website.

To create your account, fill out the requested demographic information on the Students Register with Project-ION page. Once you've filled out the information, click register at the bottom of the page.

Once you've finished preliminary registration, the site will request that you upload your standard resume and cover letter. Please make sure to at least upload your resume, so that employers are able to search for you, too, increasing your chances of finding an internship!

Next, the original application form will ask you for a few additional pieces of information. In the control panel, click on the Edit/View Form button to fill out the remaining information.

When you are finished, click the submit button on the bottom of your application page to finalize your ION registration information. Make sure to double check your information! Once you click submit you will no longer be able to edit your information.

Start searching for internships by clicking on the Search and Apply for Internships button.

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